Public Infrastructure Department, Harris County, Texas

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Capital Improvement Projects

Bids Guidelines, Project Manual, Reference Sheets, Standard Drawings, SWPPP, Templates

Recent Bid Tabs  
Recent Bid Tabs Adobe pdf file
Harris County Design Guidelines  -  1988 Adobe pdf file
Harris County Geotechnical Guidelines - 2010 Adobe pdf file
Harris County/City of Houston Geometric Guidelines  -  2009 Adobe pdf file
Traffic Signal Design Guidelines Adobe pdf file
Traffic Control Guidelines and Drawings Adobe pdf file
ROW Description & Alignment Map Guidelines  -  1990 Adobe pdf file
Survey Guidelines for Large Acreage Tracts Adobe pdf file
Alternative SWQ Guidelines on County Linear Projects  -  2007 Adobe pdf file
Electronic Submittal Guidelines Adobe pdf file
Guidelines for Speed Zones Adobe pdf file
CA Opinion on Right-of-Entry Adobe pdf file
Steel-Reinforced Elastomeric Bearings (S-REB) for Prestressed Concrete Box and Slab Beam Bridges - January 21, 2010 Adobe pdf file
Cement Stabilization Estimate Chart Adobe pdf file
Bid Documents  
Attachment L Adobe pdf file
Attachment M Adobe pdf file
Report Adobe pdf file
Bid Sheet Microsoft Excel file
Special Specifications and Provisions to be used as directed by CIP PM  
Site Specific Health and Safety Plan SS8724 Adobe pdf file
Management and Disposal of Contaminated Fluids SS8728 Adobe pdf file
Management and Disposal of Contaminated Soils SS8731 Adobe pdf file
Waste Management and Disposal Plan SS8733 Adobe pdf file
Reference Drawings and Examples  
Example - Right-of-Way Map Adobe pdf file
Example - Request for a Variance - Harris County Guidelines Adobe pdf file
Example - TCE Adobe pdf file
Example - Addendum Adobe pdf file
Delineator and Object Marker Details Adobe pdf file
Traffic Signal Details for CIP Projects Adobe pdf file
Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan  
TPDES Permit, Template, Forms and Notes  (zipped file) Compressed File Format
Bid Form and Cost Estimate Database (version 04-10-12) Compressed File Format
Consultant Bi-Weekly Status Report Template Microsoft Word Document
Consultant Bi-Weekly Status Report Instructions Adobe pdf file
Driveway Summary Table Microsoft Excel File
Earthwork Calculation Table Spreadsheet  Microsoft Excel File
Right-of-Way Table Microsoft Excel File
Study & Report Outline Microsoft Word Document
Storm Water Quality Notes Microsoft Word Document
Utility Table Microsoft Excel File
Useful Links  
Harris County Flood Control District Manuals www hyperlink
Harris County Flood Control District Specifications www hyperlink
Texas Department of Transportation Specifications www hyperlink
Texas Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices www hyperlink
Harris County Storm Water Management Handbook for Construction Activities www hyperlink
Harris County Storm Water Quality Management Regulations - 2004 Adobe pdf file
Harris County Floodplain Regulations Adobe pdf file
Harris County Permits Office - Documents and Forms www hyperlink

Welcome to Capital Projects - Engineering

Manager: Grace Tsai, P.E.

The Capital Project group is tasked with executing the study and design of various roads, bridges, traffic signals, and associated infrastructure improvements in accordance with county design standards. This Webpage contains the guidelines and supporting documentation for reference by the design consultants to assist with preparation of the design documents.



This page  contains examples, go-bys, templates, and guidelines that may be used in the development of a project for the capital projects section. The files referenced on this webpage are provided for the users convenience only. HCED assumes no responsibility or liability for the application of any information obtained from this webpage.