Public Infrastructure Department, Harris County, Texas


Public Infrastructure Links

Much information about what is going on in Harris County can be found on the following websites:

  • PID CIP & Rail Studies
    Harris County Public Infrastructure Department's Capital Improvement Plan, Rail Studies, Plans and Analysis.

  • Flood Control Division
    The web page for the Harris County Flood Control Division contains information regarding flood insurance, flood preparedness and flood insurance rate maps among many other topics.

  • Toll Road Division
    This link provides information related to the Harris County Toll Road Authority.

  • Stormwater Quality
    The website "Clean Water Clear Choice" contains information on Household Hazardous Waste Events in the Houston Area along with other information related to the environment for kids, residents and professionals.

  • Right-of-Way Division
    This website discusses how the Right-of-Way Division appraises and negotiates for land acquisitions needed for public projects.  You'll also find information on how the division processes right-of-way abandonments and sales of surplus county-owned land.